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nimi 'kin' li nimi pali ala. jan li toki e nimi 'pali e ______ sin' anu 'pana e ____ sin' :)

Maybe when using complicated clauses, we can begin with a 'topical la-clause:' (toki pi tenpo ni la... As far as now goes, Speaking of now)?

The Q for me was whether proper adjectives (capitalized) can be used for compound nouns, I thought yes

maybe a 'virtual world:' ma sitelen
'ma lon ala' an unreal world... if the world is nonexistent, no one can be there...

Challenging manga transl: 'jan lawa Sawo li musi e musi pi jan mute lon ma lon ala Ainkelato. tenpo ni la jan Sawo li open e pali ona!'

News mentions of toki pona to prevent Wiki article deletion:

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jan Mato o, ni li lipu sona pi jan seme?

Can I learn about this? idk about its new meaning (I thought it was just for 'coordinating head nouns' (jan Sonja en jan Pije li pona)

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mi pali e toki luka pi toki pona!


Chris Huff
mi pali e toki luka pi toki pona.

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