@janKipo It seems I answered my self. Silly me.

@tawit Ok, this was a poetry experiment :) I wanted to say something like: 'I want to sleep now and travel to the land of shadows/dreams'

@tawit So, could I also put all the adjectives after the word telo? Like this: mi moku e telo wawa pimejo seli. Or is that stupid?

@tawit 'mi jo e lawa sele' is very good. Maybe 'mi kama e lawa sele' could do for someone who is losing his hair.

@janKipo Really? I wanted to ask how you people are and used a 'comman phrase' from a dictionary somewhere. 'sina pilin seme?'

mi wile lape e tawa ma pimeja. lape pona!

@janKipo sina wile ala wile toki? ilo toki nimi mi li kletpotatis'at'hotmail.com

mi lukin e ilo sitelen tawa. sitelen tawa ni li Wensa li ike.

@janKipo pona! mi pimejo ala. telo mi li pimejo. (so, what I'm trying to say here is: I'm not black. my drink is black.)

@janKipo I'm a beginner so I don't think I got that. Are you asking if I maybe want to talk about my thoughts or something?

@janKipo It was supposed to mean: 'I am bald/ I'm becoming bald' or 'I am skinhead' ;)

mi moku e telo wawa li pimejo. ona li seli.

mi moku telo nasa lon tomo pi mama mije.

mi kama sona e toki pona. sina pilin seme?



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