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    janPiteJanseke So kalt wie eine Winternacht (Toki Pona translation) lyricstranslate.com/...

    janPiteJanseke toki pona translation of 'There is a Fountain'


    janPiteJanseke humanity will adopt the language of good?


    janPiteJanseke Mein Name ist Mensch (TP translation)
    nimi mi li jan


    janPiteJanseke kasi Salilon
    translation of the Chinese song 'The Fiery Sarilang'


    janPiteJanseke toki pona

    An approximate translation of toki pona words in Lojban

    #TokiPona #Lojban

    janmato That translation challenge: bit.ly/... mi jan li tan ma. Anything better possible? Worse?

    jan_Ante ah, but her translation was to english! (mi nasa a a a) I'll have to work around my own translation to toki pona once I learn some more :)

    jan_Ante Thinking again about this. I think my translation is just wrong hehe. Shouldn't it be turned around? 'nimi nasin' instaed of 'nasin nimi'?

    jan_Ante can someone please help me find the translation of Tao Te Ching to toki pona? I would like to read it and I can't find it yet. Thanks!

    jan_Open @janmato jan li ken kama sona ala e toki. jan li ken kama pilin e toki.
    this is free translation but i think it's good, right?

    janKipo @Kawilito Not clear what the original has to do with critical mass. My last was translation ofjanJopi's, which I think belongs.elsewhere.

    kalama Lots of new translation, give me feedback on mistakes or ambiguous things found (though some ambiguity is inevitable with toki pona, eh?)

    janmato Did I really not make any mistakes on this translation? Or did no one see it under the spam? bit.ly/...