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    janPiteJanseke 도기보나 정복 일주일! 제 0강 - 도기보나 소개 및 글자와 발음 | kama sona e toki pona
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    janKipo @janmato I doubt that is how 'pu' will be used and 'pi' won't work, of course, without some more tinkering.

    janKipo @janmako 'toki e' for 'talk about'? or 'talk in', which is 'kepeken'?
    Clearer in the forum report, of course.

    janKipo @janmato improved is 'pona' of course, but how to make the point in an adjective form?

    janKipo @matthewmartin 'sitelen tawa', movie, not car. PredatorS. but 'lupa tawa' is nice for links (or wormholes, of course)