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ma tomo Paselona, ma Epanja

Search this on google: Bucaramanga, Colombia. Dr. Virgilio Galvis
Cheaper laser surgery. I was his patient for the same operation. ;)

ok then something like this. ''kulupu pi mi mute li ken ala pona tawa mi mute tan ni: ona li suli mute.

I need more practice, reading more literature (toki pona examples), and jan Pije's lessons over and over again.

I was attempting to say this: 'Our society is so big it can not be simple/good.'
I wasn't sure that was correct but, I most try :)

French fries with that! ^^ (yuup, I noticed it later :) but isn't it arbitrary why ''wu'' and ''wo'' can't be used?) I knew I had read it.

kulupu mi mute li suli mute la ona li ken ala li pona tawa mi mute.

There's a lot of freedom regarding tokiponization of names/sounds, you can freely drop or keep sounds, etc. It's up to you which to choose.

toki lili olin o, sitelen mi en lipu mi li mi ala kin! a a a. ijo seme li mi? mi sona ala. ''mi taso sona e ni: mi sona ala.'' - jan Sokate

You are doing great! =) keep it up! ;-)
I'm learning too! lol
toki pona li musi mute :-D

The sound in the original language is preffered. I'm not sure, I would say Davide = Tapite ? ...google: tokiponize / tokiponization

Always use ''e'' after a verb done on or to something, and ''li'' after a noun that's not ''mi'' or ''sina''. ma Italija LI pona kin! :)

Don't forget ''e'' and ''li''. Also, use the country name as an adjective of TP word ''ma'' (=land). [mi pilin E ni: MA Epanja LI pona]

As Kisa says, TP is introspective. sina pona (u r good) always recognizes the speaker's values first, i.e. 'In my experience, you are good'.

To express your thoughts/feelings, you can split the sentence like this: ''mi pilin E ni: toki pona li pona''. don't capitalize the E :)

Without the 'e' between verb (pilin) and its object (that what you feel/think) the meaning gets altered. I'm not able to translate it now.

You could perhaps try to tokiponize your italian name :) if you wish.
Are you acquainted of tokiponization rules?


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mi tawa sona pi jan sona pilin. // toki mi pi nanpa wan li toki Epanja. mi jan Amelika seli. mama mi li pana e mi lon ma Kolonpija. taso tenpo ni mi lon ma Epanja. tenpo sike mute la mi lon ma Epanja kin. // jan Goergebertrandshaw toki e ni: kala en akesi en waso en soweli li jan pona mi. mi moku ala e jan pona mi. // mi pilin sama jan Goergebertrandshaw. kasi en kili taso li moku pona tawa mi.
ma tomo Paselona, ma Epanja

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