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    janPiteJanseke kasi Salilon
    translation of the Chinese song 'The Fiery Sarilang'


    janPiteJanseke toki pona

    An approximate translation of toki pona words in Lojban

    #TokiPona #Lojban

    janmato That translation challenge: bit.ly/... mi jan li tan ma. Anything better possible? Worse?

    jan_Ante ah, but her translation was to english! (mi nasa a a a) I'll have to work around my own translation to toki pona once I learn some more :)

    jan_Ante Thinking again about this. I think my translation is just wrong hehe. Shouldn't it be turned around? 'nimi nasin' instaed of 'nasin nimi'?

    jan_Ante can someone please help me find the translation of Tao Te Ching to toki pona? I would like to read it and I can't find it yet. Thanks!

    jan_Open @janmato jan li ken kama sona ala e toki. jan li ken kama pilin e toki.
    this is free translation but i think it's good, right?

    janKipo @Kawilito Not clear what the original has to do with critical mass. My last was translation ofjanJopi's, which I think belongs.elsewhere.

    kalama Lots of new translation, give me feedback on mistakes or ambiguous things found (though some ambiguity is inevitable with toki pona, eh?)

    janmato Did I really not make any mistakes on this translation? Or did no one see it under the spam? bit.ly/...

    janmato Translation challenge: 'Habit is the most powerful force'. wawa ni li wawa mute sama laso suli. wawa wile li tawa pali sama.