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    jan_lope The PDF versions of my lessons are now also available in US-Letter format. jan-lope.github.io/...

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    janPiteJanseke توکی پونا
    ساده ترین زبان دنیا


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    jan_lope update lessons (comma before preposition) rowa.giso.de/...

    janmato Lessons for toki pona in Esperanto: tokipona.info familiar material in a new format. lipu sona sin tawa toki pona li lon.

    janmato tenpo sin la toki pona li sama ni: bit.ly/... 8 lessons, 4 texts, 1 essay and 118 or so words.

    jan_Ante I need more practice, reading more literature (toki pona examples), and jan Pije's lessons over and over again.

    janmato Draft 1 of toki pona lessons twitter-style. forums.tokipona.org/...

    janmato @janmato Where did the o + Subject + Verb etc. pattern come from? I see it in wikipedia but not on jan Pije's lessons.