o lukin e toki mute - search tokis

    janPiteJanseke catpad | 2004

    visual 'cards' that contain most of the words from the official dictionary.


    janPiteJanseke Toki Pona Dictionary in Toki Pona :

    sona pi nimi ali pali musi mute

    [ glebsite.net/sonatoki/ ]

    pantoki @janKipo mi jo li 'ilo wan ma' nimi tan li tokipona sona lipu toki (I get the word 'internet' from the tp dictionary

    tawit @janKipo Really? I wanted to ask how you people are and used a 'comman phrase' from a dictionary somewhere. 'sina pilin seme?'

    janKipo Correct is what works for you and your interlocutors, what is in dictionary are just suggestions that worked for someone.