How do I toki?

Just type in what you are doing at the moment. And press 'toki'
More toki lili features:
- @NameOfTheUser will add link to the user to your toki,
- #somework will add clickable tag to your toki,
- add photo or link by clicking on the link below input box,
- share location by entering your address. Ex. 'Broadway 911, New York'

What is a subscription and a subscriber?

If someone want to follow your toki he can do it by subscribing to your messages. He becomes your subscriber.
If you want to follow tokis from your friends or users you find interesting you can subscribe to them.
That way nobody bothers you with their tokis and you get tokis only from people you have subscribed to.

Who are friends?

Friends are those users which are subscribed mutually.

Contact admin.

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