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 jan_niko Niko

 kalama Alex Reisner

 iulius iulius

 jan_kuti Kuti

 janLoliko Rodrigo Portela

jan sin - latest

janmato Is anyone administrator anymore? I used to be & I used to approve accts. I don't anymore, lost access rights/things seemed be broken.

jan_lope lesson update with new texts from jan Mali (AetherStar) rowa.giso.de/...

jan_lope update lessons (comma before preposition) rowa.giso.de/...

jan_lope Could be 'kepeken' a transitive or intransitive verb?

janPiteJanseke mi kepeken e nimi kepeken kepeken nimi 'e' tenpo ni : ona li nimi pali. [ I use the word kepeken with the word 'e' when it's a verb. ]

janPiteJanseke kama sona e toki pona. lipu sin 'Wikibooks' pi jan Pije -

jan_lope changed profile info

janPiteJanseke Toki Pona - NSM [ Natural Semantic Metalanguage ] correspondence | by simonm on Sep 22, 2003 -

janPiteJanseke 2002 Pigdog Journal; Eat the interlingvo : tenpo kama la mi toki pona - www.pigdog.org/...

janPiteJanseke ma ale li jo e jan 7 000 000 000 [luka tu mila mila mila]

janPiteJanseke mi lon tenpo sike 2015 [tu mila luka luka luka]

janPiteJanseke mi pali e nanpa suli ni: 5 = luka , 10 = luka luka , 20 = luka en noka , 100 = kento, 1000 = mila tokipona.wikia.com/...

jan_lope Learn Definite Clause Grammars (DCG) with toki pona

janmato I can't reach the admin pages anymore. It's like the auth system for shoutem is broken. Try just using twitter maybe?

jan_anti mi ken ala kama lon kulupu toki pi sin ala. jan li kepeken e kulupu toki pi jan Mato anu seme?

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What is Toki Lili?

Toki Lili is a microblogging community for speakers of Toki Pona.

What is Toki Pona?

Toki Pona is a language invented by Sonja Elen Kisa that only has 120 words and 14 sounds. Simplicity is a core part of Toki Pona (in fact, pona means both simple and good). Microblogging fits well with the spirit of Toki Pona; you express yourself briefly and honestly. To find out more about Toki Pona go to the official website.

How does it work?

You decide which 'tokis' you want to receive by subscribing to other users. Whenever they post something, their toki gets sent to you. If somebody disturbs or overload you with tokis you can always quietly unsubscribe. Tokis can also be made accessible to the whole community.

Like Twitter, Plurk, Jaiku...

Yes, but Toki Lili is specifically made for Toki Pona and the Toki Pona community. Many people speak Toki Pona on other microblogging services. If you would like you can forward your Toki Lili posts to Twitter, Facebook, Ping.fm, Twhirl and Ning easily.

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